About Hobie 61

About Hobie 61

Hobie Fleet 61 has a long and rich history within the Rocky Mountain region dating back to the early 70s.  It is highlighted with tales of summers past and Regattas hosting 200 plus competitors in a single design event held at such prestigious venues as Lake Dillon.  However today we find ourselves in the same boat as most sailing organizations, smaller in membership numbers yet rich in experience and overflowing with enthusiasm to share the “Hobie Way of Life.”

Hobie Fleet 61 is part of the Division 5 family that makes up the 16 divisions of the HCA or Hobie Class Association of North America.  Division 5 currently has 5 active fleets hosting a total of 6 nationally ranked points Regattas.  Hobie Fleet 61 has a number of its members in the top 10 ranking for most classes of Hobie Cats, including the # 1 ranked 18’ sailor for the last five+ years.

Hobie Fleet 61 also takes great pride in our partnership with Craig Hospital in hosting a long standing tradition of Hobie Craig day.  This is a one day event held at Cherry Creek Reservoir where Hobie sailors launch their boats with one purpose in mind and that is to take a non-ambulatory Craig patient sailing.  This is an event that sends everyone, sailor, patient, family member, hospital employee, or volunteer home with an adjusted outlook on life.

We typically draw 25 to 35 boats to any one event within our division and sail at some of the best venues along the Front Range from Lake McConaughy, NE;  Lake Alcova, WY;  Boyd Lake, CO; and Union Reservoir, Longmont. CO. Competition is strong, but our number 1 goal is fun on and off the water. In addition to racing, events also include learn to sail days, for-fun gatherings, and youth outreach programs.

Why Hobie Cats? On the water you can't beat the adrenaline of rocketing across the water at ~25 MPH on a relatively simple and stable boat. Once you come off the water, you will discover the Hobie family of sailors who are amongst the most welcoming and passionate group of sailors on the planet. 

Which boat?

- The Hobie 16, 17, and 18 are the boats of choice in Division 5
- The Hobie 16, 18, and 20 can carry up to 4 people but typically race with two people, a skipper and a crew.  The Hobie 17 can also carry up to 3 or 4 people but is raced with just a skipper
- The Hobie 16 is the simplest and lightest boat; the 20 is considered the thoroughbred
- Performance: The Hobie 16, 17 and 18 are quite close and the 20 is a bit faster

Regardless of your choice of boat, races are scored only against the same sized boats. As a strict one design class you cannot spend your way to winning. Twenty year old boats in good condition regularly beat teams on new boats. To put it in in the words of a nationally ranked sailor, "Compared to other forms of competition, Hobie racing is practically free."

Reasons to Join Hobie Fleet 61:
4) Fun sailing, competition, plus help setting up your boat or righting your boat if you flip.
3) New sailors report learning more in a single weekend, with help from our experienced sailors, than in a year of sailing by themselves!
2) Camp on the best sailing beaches in multiple states. Share the days' experiences on the water around the campfire.
1) Develop lifetime Hobie friendships